Welcome to experience more than 180 years of Swedish industrial history!

The Munktell Museum is an exciting museum for the whole family and all ages – both tractor-loving children, the motor enthusiast and the real construction machine enthusiast will find great joy in the museum’s unique collection of large machines and technical products.

The Munktell Museum will re-open for safe visits.

The museum will re-open for safe visits through pre-booking from the 24th of March. Please contact us via phone or e-mail if you intend to visit us. 

Email: munktellmuseet@volvo.com

Telephone: +46 (0)16-131523

Opening hours

Today: Saturday 17 Apr


{"monday":{"open":"10:00","close":"15:00","closed":false,"label":"Monday","opentoday":"10:00 - 15:00","lunch_from":"","lunch_to":"","today_date":"Monday 17 Apr"},"tuesday":{"open":"10:00","close":"15:00","closed":false,"label":"Tuesday","opentoday":"10:00 - 15:00","lunch_from":"","lunch_to":"","today_date":"Tuesday 17 Apr"},"wednesday":{"open":"10:00","close":"15:00","closed":false,"label":"Wednesday","opentoday":"10:00 - 15:00","lunch_from":"","lunch_to":"","today_date":"Wednesday 17 Apr"},"thursday":{"open":"10:00","close":"15:00","closed":false,"label":"Thursday","opentoday":"10:00 - 15:00","lunch_from":"","lunch_to":"","today_date":"Thursday 17 Apr"},"friday":{"open":"10:00","close":"15:00","closed":false,"label":"Friday","opentoday":"10:00 - 15:00","lunch_from":"","lunch_to":"","today_date":"Friday 17 Apr"},"saturday":{"open":"10:00","close":"15:00","closed":true,"label":"Saturday","opentoday":"closed","lunch_from":"","lunch_to":"","today_date":"Saturday 17 Apr"},"sunday":{"open":"","close":"","closed":true,"label":"Sunday","opentoday":"closed","lunch_from":"","lunch_to":"","today_date":"Sunday 17 Apr"}}

Monday - Friday



10:00 - 15:00




Adults 50:- (sek)
Children 10-16 Years 30:- (sek)
Children 0-9 years Free entrance
Students and  Pensioners 30:- (sek)
Family 100:- (sek)

Year ticket adult 150:- (sek)
Year ticker children 10-16 Years 90:- (sek)
Year ticket Pensioners 90:-
Year ticket students 90:- (sek)


About 300 meters from the museum is Munktellstaden’s newly opened car park with 355 spaces. Parking spaces are also available in the neighborhood north of Munktellstaden and on the other side of Eskilstunaån towards the center on both sides of Hamngatan. On Eskilstuna Municipality’s website, there are maps that show where parking spaces are located near Munktellstaden.

Link to map


The museum’s shop has all sorts of fun things – models, historical books, toys, postcards and other goodies that can be good to have. The store has the same opening hours as the museum.


Our small café has the same opening hours as the museum and offers ice cream, coffee bread, coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Found us

We are located in the heart of Munkteltown, where it all began.


633 42 Eskilstuna


Phone: 016-13 15 23

Email: munktellmuseet@volvo.com


Lat N 59° 22′ 35″ Lon E 16° 30′ 35″

59.3765, 16.5099