Welcome to experience close to 190 years of Swedish industrial history!

The Munktell Museum is an exciting museum for the whole family and all ages – tractor-loving children, the motor enthusiast and the real construction machine enthusiast all find great joy in the museum’s unique collection of large machines and technical products.

Now there’s a new interactive exhibition where children and adults can take part of Volvo CE’s incredible innovations.

Grab the chance to take a fika in our newly opened café full of home-baked goods.


We update our opening hours weekly due to public holidays, reservations etc.

Opening hours

Today: Wednesday 22 May

10:00 - 16:00

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Monday - Friday



10:00 - 16:00

11:00 - 16:00



Adults 50 SEK
Children 10-16 years 30SEK
Children 0-9 years free
Students and senior citizens 30 SEK
Family 100 SEK (adults with children still living at home)

Annual pass adult 150 SEK
Annual pass Children 10-16 years 90 SEK
Annual pass Senior citizens 90 SEK
Annual pass Students: 90SEK


About 300 meters from the Museum, in Munktellstaden lies the newly opened parking lot with 355 spots.

There are also parking spots in the blocks north of Munktellstaden and on the other side of the Eskilstuna river toward the city center and on both sides of Hamngatan.

At Eskilstuna kommuns website there are maps showing parking spots close to Munktellstaden.

Link to map over parking spots


In the store of the Museum there are lots of different fun things – models of machines, historic books, toys, post cards and other goodies that might peak your interest.

The store has the same opening hours as the museum.


Break? Our little café has the same opening hours as the museum and offers ice cream, cookies and cakes, coffee, tea and sodas.

Find us

We are located in the heart of Munktellstaden, where it all began.


633 43 Eskilstuna

Contact information

Phone: 016-541 87 93

E-mail: munktellmuseet@volvo.com


Lat N 59° 22′ 35″ Lon E 16° 30′ 35″

59.3765, 16.5099