Meet the future in Volvo CE's new interactive exhibition

Are you curious about the innovative technologies of the future? Then you should visit the new Interactive exhibition here at the Munktell Museum. Volvo Construction Equipment constantly breaks new ground by exploring new technologies. In the exhibition you will get an insight into their work and get the opportunity of interacting with several of the machines. How about putting on some VR glasses and tag along into the quarry, or perhaps steer the mini-excavator?

Tag along into the quarry

Do you want to know how it is to work in a quarry? Then, put on the VR glasses and tag along on a tour from the inside of one of Volvo's dumper trucks. A breathtaking tour is promised.

Test drive an excavator

Here you get the chance of test driving an excavator simulator of the same sort as Volvo CE uses to train their drivers before they head out into the real machines. The exercise for the drivers – and for you behind the wheel – happens in a safe way with the least possible environmental impact.

Steer the mini-excavator

There is also a small version of Volvo CE's excavator EC210. Via a remote control, you can steer it and challenge your friends in who is the best at moving macaronis in this playful attraction.

Selfie spot

The Munktell Museum has many good photo opportunities. One of the best is found in the innovative exhibition, where you can take a photo beside the biggest wheel Volvo CE has, which belongs to the dumper R100. Don't forget to tag #munktellmuseet.


On the exhibition's big touch screen you will get an introduction to Volvo Construction Equipment's operations. Among other things, you can read about the different jobs that Volvo CE offers, the company's different production facilities all over the world and lots of fun facts.

More pictures from the exhibition

Here are some pictures from the exhibition

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