Listen to Johan Theofron Munktell as he talks about his life and his workshop

Hear the story of the engines, the first locomotive, and many other exciting stories about the artefacts here at the museum.
Below you will find all the links to our soundtracks. You only need your own headphones to take part in all the beautiful stories about an important part of Swedish industrial history.
The soundtracks are available in both Swedish and English.

  1. Welcome to my workshop  |  Listen now
  2. Sweden’s first tractor  |  Listen now
  3. My arrival in Eskilstuna  |  Listen now
  4. The engines  |  Listen now
  5. Munktell as an educator  |  Listen now
  6. Sven the steam engine  |  Listen now
  7. The Firstling – then  |  Listen now
  8. The Firstling – now  |  Listen now
  9. Munktell’s legacy – Volvo Construction Equipment  |  Listen now
  10. Gravel-Charlie  |  Listen now
  11. My early years  |  Listen now
  12. Wood gas  |  Listen now
  13. The machines that built Sweden  |  Listen now
  14. My social work  |  Listen now
  15. My legacy  |  Listen now